You can help deliver clean water to Africa

Why Water?

In Africa, water is life. Can you imagine walking over 30 minutes or more one way to get water to drink?
Can you imagine carrying 40 lbs of water in a dirty fuel container over 30 minutes with your kids in tow every single day?
Over 1 million people do this each and every day. They do this to survive. It breaks my heart, and I bet it breaks your heart too.

What can you do?

Would you like to do something about it? You absolutely can make a difference and bring clean water to those without! Please join your St. Mark’s family as we partner with Team World Vision. God has led a team of us to walk, jog, run or crawl the Indianapolis Monumental Half and Full Marathon to bring clean water to those without.


Join Team World Vision and St. Mark’s and run for clean water on Saturday, November 9


Donate to the St. Mark’s World Vision Team by supporting to an individual or to the St. Mark’s team.

Join our St. Mark’s Team

Follow these steps to join the St. Mark’s team as well as register for the race.
Step #1
Join St. Marks TWV team online here.
This is easy and it takes 2 minutes to complete. Remember, if you take the HERO level fundraising challenge with a $3,000 goal, TWV will refund you with a check for your race fee once you hit it! Why not try?

Step #2
Once you join the St. Marks TWV Team, you will receive an email with a link to register for the race.  This is where you pay the fee for the full or half marathon to guarantee your race bib. TWV has a great discount with the race so sign-up here as soon as you can before the price increases.

Step #3
Give yourself your first donation by donating a dollar amount or sponsoring a child. Every $50 is clean water that lasts for one person! If you sponsor a child, you can earn a $1000 credit to your fundraising page.  Giving to yourself right away is a great way to kick-start your fundraising and get moving before training starts!

Step #4 Join our Facebook Group here: St. Marks TWV Facebook to keep in touch with your team members and team captains!

If you have questions, please contact the team captain, Becky Bultemeier.

Upcoming training sessions

Meets weekly on Saturday from July 13 – November 2 at 7:00 AM
The North Indy Group Run meets at The Gazebo, One Civic Square in Carmel. We will train on the Monon trail!