Grow Groups

You might have heard them called Life Groups, Circles, Community Groups, Home Groups in other churches…Here at St. Mark’s, our Grow Groups connect people in shared life stages to encourage one another and grow in their faith as they do life together.

What is a Grow Group?

Grow Groups are groups of 3-15 people with shared life circumstances who meet on a regular basis to build each other up, push each other forward, and send each other out into the world with Christ’s love. Some meet only for weeks–in homes or at church–and some have navigated life’s challenges together for years. Currently, there are 7 active Grow Groups meeting, including the encouragement groups and spiritual walk reunion groups listed below.

Are you interested in being a part of a new Grow Group? Fill out the Group Interest Form below. 

Our Grow Group members find:

  • Encouragement and support
  • Community and friendship
  • New shared experiences as they welcome, grow, and serve together at St. Mark’s
  • Authentic community – “doing life together” – through ups and downs
  • Spiritual rest and reset
  • An opportunity to refocus, away from the “daily grind”

Personal devotion and study time alone are important to Grow in Christ, but there is nothing quite like the growth that happens in groups. Jesus showed us that when he gathered his small group of twelve disciples to learn and follow Him. We follow Jesus’s example when our groups encourage each other, learn together, build relationships, and send each other out to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. 

If you feel like you’re tired of trying to go it alone, consider joining a group today. 

Encouragement Groups

 Three of our Grow Groups are Encouragement Groups: two for those dealing with care of aging parents and one group for those who have been widowed.

LIFT: Living Intentionally Forward Together

a Widows Encouragement Group

Meeting once or twice per month, dates vary
Room G/H when on-site
Offsite for community and social events 

As a branch off from last year’s Grief Group, we have launched a new encouragement group for those who have been widowed. Whether widowed recently or a long time ago, this group is a chance to find a listening ear through shared experiences–remembering anniversaries, unexpected griefs and joys, and all the new practicalities that one experiences in widowhood. For the current details and upcoming gathering dates, call Jennifer Cloud-Buckner in the church office (317-846-4912) or email her at



Caregiver Encouragement Groups

Meets Select Wednesdays monthly |  6:00 PM 

Led by Jenny Rundle (

Meets one Sunday monthly |  9:15 AM

Led by Susan Jacques

No matter the stage — you are directly caring for aging parent(s), they are at home and nearing transitions, they are in a facility, or your parents have recently passed — these groups encourage one another through the emotional and practical challenges of dealing with the care and grief of aging parents.


Group Interest Form

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If you are interested in joining or starting a Grow Group or have any questions, please contact Jennifer Cloud-Buckner.

Spiritual Walk Reunion Groups

Have you ever taken part in a Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis Flight, Great Banquet, Cursillo, Tres Dias, or similar intensive spiritual weekend? St. Mark’s has two active reunion groups and a community of Walk Alumni. Indicate your Walk experience in the form above or visit the Walk Alumni page.

Support Groups

AA groups

“Boiled Owl” meets Sunday Evenings at 8 PM
Room B/C | Enter Door 2

“If Dogs Could Talk” meets Thursdays at Noon
Room G/H | Enter Door 2

Click here to find out more about AA and find other meetings.


“New Life AFG” meets Wednesdays at 11:30 AM
Room G/H | Enter Door 2

Click here to find out more about Al-Anon and find other meetings.