Frequently Asked Questions

Is St. Mark’s having in-person worship services?
  • St. Mark’s is having in-person services with limited capacity at each service.
  • Our service times are 8:15 & 11:00 AM for the Traditional Service and 9:40 AM for the current.
  • View our website for our current COVID-19 protocols.
  • The 9:40 & 11:00 AM services will also be livestreamed on Facebook.
How can I watch the service online if I don’t have a Facebook account?
  • St. Mark’s Facebook page can be accessed by anyone, with or without an account. It is where the St. Mark’s services are live-streamed and where the most up to date announcements can be found.
  • Anyone can access the St. Mark’s Facebook page by opening a browser and going to
  • Sunday Services can be watched live at 9 AM for the current or 11 AM for the traditional service or can be watched any time after. Other Facebook Live events can be accessed there as well.
  • Once there, scroll down and find the service you would like to watch and click on it to view. If the service has started you will join in real time. If the service is over, the service will start from the beginning.
  • We’ve created a brief video tutorial to walk you through these steps on desktop. The same process works on mobile.
How can I know of last-minute changes happening at the church?
  • The St. Mark’s Facebook page is the place to go to find last-minute updates.
  • The St. Mark’s Facebook page can be accessed by anyone, with or without an account.
  • Access the St. Mark’s Facebook by opening a browser and going to
Does St. Mark’s offer devices for the hearing impaired?
  • St. Mark’s offers a service called AudioFetch
  • Here are the steps for using AudioFetch
    • Connect to the AudioFetch wireless network – go to settings on your phone to select AudioFethc
    • Download the AudioFetch app on your phone
    • Open the AudioFetch app – Channel 1 should be selected
    • You should be able to hear the sermon – If you are not able to hear the sermon, close the app and reopen.
  • St. Mark’s has ear buds available for use during the service.
Why am I not receiving emails from St. Mark's?
  • Many people discover their email service filters St. Mark’s emails to a subfolder (e.g., Updates, Promotions, Spam, Junk). Use your email search box to look for messages sent by, containing text “Coming up at St. Mark’s UMC,” or with the subject “Jubilee Newsletter” to see where the messages may be hiding.
  • If St. Mark’s emails are going to your spam, find the link at the bottom of the email that says “Add us to your address book”. Please click this link to help prevent emails from going to Spam.  You can manually add to your address book as a valid contact.
  • You might not be signed up to receive emails from St. Mark’s or you may have accidentally unsubscribed. Click here to sign up to receive St. Mark’s weekly email and other email notifications.
How can I find St. Mark's staff information?
  • You can find a list of our staff on our About page.
  • From that page, you can click on a staff person’s name to send them an email.
  • You can call the church office at 317-846-4912 to obtain staff contact information as well.
How can I find the St. Mark's Newsletter, the Jubilee?
  • The Jubilee Newsletter is emailed each month. Click here to sign up for the newsletter if you do not currently receive it. 
  • Click here to veiw past Newsletters.
How can I sign up for missions and events at St. Mark's?
  • Sign ups can be found conveniently in one location! Click here to find all current sign ups.
What if I am having trouble getting logged into a Zoom meeting?
  • Try restarting the device that you are using to access Zoom.
  •  The Zoom link you were sent might be broken. You can still join the call by clicking “Join a Meeting” and then manually entering the meeting ID and password.
  • Try updating the Zoom software. Here are tips for how to do that.
    • If you are using an iPad or iPhone to access Zoom
      • Open the App store and find the Zoom app
      • Click the update button – if the button says “open”, you have the latest version
    • If you are using a computer to access Zoom
      • If you have a Zoom account
        • Log in to zoom
        • Click on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner of the app.
        • Click “check for updates
          • If an update is available, the update will download and you will be guided through updating the software.
          • If the latest version is already installed, you will get a message indicating that it is up to date.
      • If you do not have a zoom account