Preschool Policies

Below you will find policies regarding:  Toilet Training, Clothing , Outside Play, School Bags, Snacks, Illness, Arrival and Dismissal, Car Pool, Special Visitors, Discipline, and Weather

Toilet Training
In the Puppy classes, children are not required to be toilet trained. We ask that a spare set of clothing, including socks and extra diapers, be brought each day in your child’s school bag. Each bag should also contain wet wipes.
To participate in our Heart, Balloon, Sunshine, Rainbow, Moonbeam and Teddy Bear programs, a child must be toilet trained. We realize that many children starting in a 3 year-old program have just crossed this threshold. We have a supply of extra clothing on hand in case of toileting accidents. If your child has an accident, we ask that you launder the “school clothes” and send them back on your child’s next day.
Be sure that your child’s clothing:
– is comfortable, washable and allows for self-dressing
– is marked with child’s name is appropriate for arts and crafts (paint smocks are provided)
– has belts and buckles that the child can manage
Children get involved in activities and should not have to be overly concerned with staying clean.  Dresses with ruffles and bows and pants with difficult belts and fastenings should be avoided.
Children are prone to bathroom accidents and with this in mind we keep sets of extra clothing in the building.  If you receive a note stating your child had an accident at school, check your child’s school bag to locate the wet or soiled clothing.  We ask that you launder the school clothing and return it to us on your child’s next day of school.
For the Puppy Classes, we request that each child bring a change of clothing, diapers, wet wipes etc. in their school bag each day.  We do not provide extra clothing for this age group.
Outside Play
We love to play outside at preschool.  On days when the weather allows, you will find most classes spending at least 15 minutes outside. Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor play.
If it is raining, we will not go outside. If there is snow on the ground, we will not go outside unless your child’s teacher has notified you in advance. No boots or umbrellas are necessary.
School Bags

St. Mark’s Preschool will provide school bags for the children to use daily. Each school bag must be labeled in permanent marker or paint on the outside of the bag with the child’s first and last name. Bags will be available for pick up on Parent Night or in the Preschool office. A folder will be placed in your child’s bag. Please leave the folder in the bag throughout the school year for communication purposes. When you need to send a note to the teacher, send in a tuition payment or other communications to the school, place it in the folder. Teachers will check them daily.

Snacks are simple and vary based upon special topics or themes a class may be covering. A typical snack would consist of crackers, pretzels, wafers, dry cereal and water or apple juice. Some special snacks might include red jello jigglers for red day or “Kix” cereal for “Kk” day. If your child has food allergies, notify the teacher and accommodations will be made.
We are unable to make special accommodations beyond food allergies. Other than birthday celebrations, we request no special snacks be sent with your child(ren).
Common illnesses requiring exclusion from school
The only exceptions to the rules stated below will be by a written note from the child’s physician.
  • Fever  The child will not return to school until temperature has been normal for 24 hours
  • Diarrhea  Defined as an increased number of stools compared with the child’s normal pattern, with increased stool water and/or decreased form.  Exclusion until stool returns to normal.
  • Vomiting  One time in the previous 24 hours, exclusion mandated.
  • Mouth Sores with Drooling  Exclusion unless the child’s physician states the child is non-infectious.
  • Rash with Fever/Behavior Change  Exclusion until a physician has determined the illness not to be a communicable disease.
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)  Defines as pink or red conjunctiva with white or yellow eye discharge, often with matted eyelids after sleep and including a child with eye pain or redness of the eyelids or skin surrounding the eye, exclusion until 24 hours after treatment began.
  • Infestation (head lice, pin worm,ring worm, scabies)   Exclusion until at least 24 hours after treatment began. Parents have prime responsibility of in the prevention and management of head lice cases through regular checks of their children’s hair and starting immediate treatment when head lice is detected.  Please contact the preschool immediately. Confidentiality will be maintained.
  • Impetigo  Exclusion until 24 hours after treatment began.
  • Strep Throat  Exclusion until 24 hours after treatment began and until the child has been without fever for 24 hours.
  • Chicken Pox  Exclusion until 7 days after onset of rash or until all lesions have dried and crusted.
  • Measles & Rubella  Exclusion until 7 days after rash appears.
Notify us when your child is ill and will not be attending class. Please specify the reason for the absence when your child’s symptoms first occurred. (317-846-8941).
We are not staffed or equipped to care for even mildly ill children who are irritable and cannot fully participate in the day’s events.  If a child is in school, he or she is expected to participate in all activities including outdoor play and other physical types of activities. (Exceptions: short or long term disabilities that have been verified by the appropriate medical personnel.)
If you are called to pick up your child, please come immediately.
Arrival and Dismissal


  • As vehicles enter the parking lot, please form four lines along the sidewalk, parallel to the playground. The first vehicle should pull up next to the designated cones. When the first line is parallel to the end of the playground, it is time to begin the second line. (So on for the third line)
  • Turn off your engine when the flag is displayed. Do not restart your engine until all children are inside the building.
  • Children must stay in their vehicles until the director displays the flag. The children may then enter the building.
  • You may start your engines when the director steps off the sidewalk into the parking lot.
  • Exit the lot when your row is dismissed. Please do not jump between lines or parked cars.
  • If you arrive after the flag is displayed, you are late. Do not join a line. Wait until all cars have exited the parking lot and walk your child into the building. Door #3 will lock once it is shut.
  • If the door is closed and the school day has begun, you must enter the school through door #4. All preschool doors will remain locked.


  • As vehicles enter the parking lot, again form three or four lines along the sidewalk and follow the procedure for arrival. If you are late and the children are out, do not join a line, but park.
  • Turn off your engine when the children begin to exit the building.
  • Meet your child along the sidewalk by door #3 or #4. Children are not permitted in the parking lot without adult supervision. Seat and buckle up your child as quickly as possible.
  • When the director steps off the sidewalk, you may start your engines. The lines will be dismissed once everyone is in their vehicle.
  • Exit the parking lot in an orderly fashion. Please do not jump between lines
  • Please limit your discussion with teachers and friends during dismissal so we can safely and efficiently proceed with the carpool line.

** Late Pick-up Fees: A $10.00 late fee will be charged for children who are picked up later than 10 minutes after their class dismissal time.

Puppy (and sibling) Arrival & Dismissal

Due to the young age of the Puppy class, a different arrival and dismissal procedure is warranted. Older siblings of children in these classes will follow these procedures on days when their siblings are in school. Arrival Parents should park their cars in the parking lot by the 126th Street entrance (door #5). When the door is opened, please walk your child into the building using door #5. At 9:00 AM, a teacher will open the classroom doors to greet your children. Siblings will be directed to their proper class while parents say good-bye just outside the classroom door. Dismissal Parents should park their cars in the parking lot by the 126th Street entrance (door #5). At 12:00 PM, the classroom door will be opened. Children will be released to their parents from the classroom. Exit the building using entrance #5.

Car Pool Policy
Children will not be released to any person other than a custodial parent.  However, you may establish a carpool list of those adults permitted to transport your child. Any adult not listed of your carpool sheet must have a signed permission slip from you. In case of an emergency, verbal consent is acceptable. Call the Preschool office 317-846-8941.
Discipline Policy
One of the questions asked most often by parents concerns discipline. We believe that children learn best through experiences. We believe that the teachers must lovingly guide and redirect the children to help them to learn to cooperate with their peers and to have positive, educational experiences to encourage and enhance their growth and development while in our care.

Please be advised that any form of hitting, corporal punishment, abusive language, ridicule, harsh or humiliating or frightening treatment is against our philosophy. NONE of these behaviors will take place at St. Mark’s Preschool.

We try to be as consistent as possible with our classroom rules so that the children know what is expected of them. We find that this helps the children and leads to their success. Our entire discipline policy will be included in the fall handbook or is available during visits to St. Marks.

Weather Policy
As a general rule, we follow the lead of Carmel Clay Schools when it comes to weather days. If they are closed, so are we.

If Carmel Clay Schools are under a two-hour delay, our morning classes will be on a one-hour delay. On delay days, St. Mark’s Preschool will start at 10:00 AM. Dismissal time will remain the same.

Remember to use your own discretion. If school has not been cancelled, but you feel the weather is too hazardous, you may call the school to notify your child’s teachers that he/she will be absent for that day.

In case of extreme weather at arrival or dismissal time, we may ask that parents come into the building to pick up their children.
Note: We will adjust the tuition payment after three classes have been canceled due to weather.