A Lifelong Journey

Where are you in your lifelong journey of faith? Whether you feel a bit stuck, are just beginning your trip, or want to find new ways to nurture your continued growth, let St. Mark’s help guide you through six areas of discipleship that are part of how we Welcome, Grow, and Serve. 

 Discipleship Survey  

Through the Indiana Conference of the UMC (INUMC), we are offering a discipleship survey for you to examine where you feel you are in your Life of Worship, Life of Hospitality, being Open to Jesus and Obeying Jesus, Life of Service, and Life of Generosity. You will receive a personalized report about your level of spiritual growth for each dimension, possible next steps, and suggested resources for personal development. Your results are anonymous to the church.  

Survey Background Information

Learn more about the survey from the INUMC website. 

Take the Real Discipleship Survey

1) Click on “Use your Church’s Access Code.” 2) Enter INDIANAJOY in the code box. 3) Select “Carmel St Marks UMC (North Central District)” and enter your name, email, and a password of your choice.  

Video Tutorial about the Survey

View a tutorial from the conference about how to take the survey.

Get a Personalized Report

When you enter your own name and email on the survey, you will receive a personalized report of your own spiritual growth assessment, next steps, and resources for personal development.

If you have any questions or want to connect with any other groups, please don’t hesitate to contact Jennifer Cloud-Buckner (grow@stmarkscarmel.org), Adult Discipleship Coordinator.