Breakthrough Prayer

 God, open doors to reveal new hopes and dreams for St. Mark’s and in our own lives. Give us the courage to follow where You lead. Amen. 

Share God Moments

St. Mark’s is a community that believes in God’s power to break through with new and unexpected possibilities when we pray and seek God’s direction for our church and in our own lives. As we pray our breakthrough prayer individually or together in worship and small groups, what is God revealing to you?  We want to celebrate together how you are hearing from God.  Please share below:

  • Describe a God moment you’ve experienced through the ministries and people of St. Mark’s.
  • Where do you feel God leading you individually?
  • What new doors might God be opening for our church – for St. Mark’s, collectively?

Breakthrough Prayer Initiative

A breakthrough prayer initiative is a churchwide practice of adding a brief daily prayer — an “up and out” prayer of openness — to our existing prayer life. We ask God to break through with God’s power for new hopes and possibilities for our church and our own lives. Since Lent 2023, we have been joining together in a churchwide daily prayer at 8pm with holy expectation of God’s plans for our future.

How can you participate?

Daily Prayer: Set a daily alarm or reminder for 8:00pm to pray the breakthrough prayer at the top of this page, no matter where you are. We also pray this in small groups, music groups, and committee meetings.  

Families: Parents, your kids will continue praying their abbreviated breakthrough prayer version in their Kidz Church classes and events. Try adding their prayer to your family life at a specific time daily:

God, please show us new ideas for our church and our lives. We trust you as we follow Jesus. Your way is best. Amen!

Continuing the Journey:  If you’ve already read Dynamite Prayer, continue the journey by focusing on the daily practices outlined in Day 28 on page 83:

  • reading and reflecting on scripture
  • praying, asking God to break through anew, opening doors of new possibilities and spiritual growth 
  • taking bold steps of surrender and transformation
  • serving others through demonstration of Christ’s selfless love
Notice, Name, & Celebrate:  As you notice God breaking through in new ways, let us know in the form below!  We’ve enjoyed hearing how folks are experiencing a stronger connection with God and feeling an openness for new possibilities in their lives with God’s dunamis power.