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Weekly Resources

We are committed to providing resources to help your children and family find new ways to welcome, grow and serve. The resources on this page coincide with all our programming options. You can use them to enhance what your children learn each week, or to create your own at-home lessons. You can also join our Facebook group, St. Mark’s Kidz, to connect with other families, watch videos of the weekly bible stories and music performances, and download more at-home resources.

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This Week’s Lesson:  Bread of Life

Kidz Church Resources

Color Click to download coloring pages to go along with this week’s Bible story. 

Engage with the weekly theme by following along with one of the kids bulletins, for 3 years and up.

Challenge Download fun activity pages for children and youth.

Apply  You can read about it, talk about it and live it with your family throughout the week. Spark family fun ideas and have a good laugh with this week’s Family Sunday Funnies!

Kidz Music & Praise Resources

Call to Worship:“Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”
Opening Prayer: “ Thank you Jesus for giving us life, food and drink”
Peace Passing:“Peace to you and tell us about you.’’ Write a question to find out about someone in your family or a group of friends. Put them in a cup and pass the cup around. Each person can draw a question and answer it. Questions can be thinks like name your favorite food, etc.”

Get Up and Move And dance to this song about how Jesus talks about being the bread. Now take items from your house that you could use for a drum and play with the beats of the song as we sing it again.

Listen and Think  Here is an explanation about our scripture today. 

Let’s Sing an ‘I Am” Song

Let’s Create  Let’s make a bookmark called the “I Am Bookmark.” Let’s think of ways to fill in the blank. “ I am “ and put them on your bookmark. Remember that God made you strong and gave you good judgement. Jesus set a good example for us. Let’s celebrate each other.

Let’s Sing Another I am Song

Share  Let’s sing and do a dance to a really beautiful song called “ You are the Bread of Life.” 

Listen and Act  Now describe in one word a food and see if your family or friend can giuess what food it is. If they cannot, then give another clue until they can guess the food that you are talking about. Thnk of all the food that God gives us that would not be possible without his creations.

Let’s Move  et’s do an upbeat song called “Clap Your Hands” and do the motions. 

Let’s review another great song from VBC – Rocky Railway- “The Power”

Please photograph or video you and your family doing any of these fun activities and share them with Kidz Church!