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Families are invited to attend in person worship services in the sanctuary together. There will be Kidz Kits for each child available in the Sanctuary.  We are committed to providing at home resources to help your children and family find new ways to welcome, grow, and serve. If you have any suggestions or ways you would like to help, please feel free to e-mail them to We are here for you!  Join our FaceBook group St. Mark’s Kidz to connect even more!

Lesson:  Jonah and the Big Fish

Would you like to hear a story? Are you looking for a great family devotional?
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Fun Kidz Church Activities

Color Click to download coloring pages to go along with this week’s Bible story. 

Engage with the weekly theme by following along with one of the kids bulletins, for 3 years and up.

Challenge Download fun activities for all children and youth.

Apply  You can read about it, talk about it and live it with your family throughout the week. See how with these family activities. 

Fun Kidz Music and Praise Activities

Let’s Get Up and Move as we sing this great song and celebrate the New Year with “Walk on Water.”  Can you keep a beat with a spoon?

Listen and Think Here is a song that talks about Jonah, our Bible Story for today. 

Share Let’s do a treasure hunt. Listen to this story and make a list of three things in your house that the story mentions. Then run and find them share the items with the class.

Gratitude Have you felt discouraged over the last year? Think of ways that you have been able to keep going even when you are tired or sad. God gives us strength. Let’s sing this song, “Do not give up.” God did not give up on Jonah, and he won’t give up on you.

Let’s Get Moving Again! Let’s keep ourselves healthy and let’s get moving with this fun game song. See if you can think of motions.

Reflect and Respond Today for our special St. Mark’s feature, we are going to listen to a St. Mark’s teen share the beautiful song he played for worship. Make a list of all the lovely things on earth that God made.

Please join us on Zoom at 11:00 a.m. every Sunday for Kidz Music and Praise. All are welcome!  On January 31, we will begin rehearsals for our Lenten Musical, “Shout! Hosanna.”  If you wish to participate in the musical, please contact Joyce Click ( for the Sunday morning zoom code and a musical packet, CD and t-shirt. More details about the musical can be found here. Welcome 2021!


Please photograph or video you and your family doing any of these fun activities and share them with Kidz Church.

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