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We are committed to providing at-home resources to help your children and family find new ways to welcome, grow and serve.  Until we can meet in-person again, register your children to attend KidzConnect Live ,  Kidz Music & Praise Rocking 11 AM or club56:live on Zoom every Sunday. The resources on this page coincide with the Sunday Zoom programming. You can use them to enhance what your children learn each week, or to create your own at-home lessons. You can also join our FaceBook group St. Mark’s Kidz to connect with other families, watch videos of the weekly bible stories and music perfomances, and download more at-home resources. If you have any suggestions or ways you would like to help, please feel free to e-mail them to kidzchurch@stmarkscarmel.orgWe are here for you! 

This Week’s Lesson:  The Faith of Abraham & Sarah

Kidz Church

KidzConnect Live Resources

Color Click to download coloring pages to go along with this week’s Bible story. 

Engage with the weekly theme by following along with one of the kids bulletins, for 3 years and up.

Challenge Download fun activity pages for children and youth.

Apply  You can read about it, talk about it and live it with your family throughout the week. See how with these family activities. 

Club 56

club56:live Notes & Resources

We’re excited to continue our Hero Lenten study this Sunday! Last week was great fun with a focus on Batman and the stages of a hero’s journey. All who came were challenged to consider one practical way to adopt a Jesus attitude for the week. It’s not too late to join (each week will connect but there are no cliff hangers and units are independent).

This week we will discuss how we continue God’s story in the world when we practice holiness, and we’ll spend a lot of time talking about right-and-wrong using Spiderman as the “hero of the week.”

As always, if youth would like to invite a friend, he/she/they are welcome using the link below.

Resources to enhance your lenten study

Kids Lenten Calendar
All-Church Lenten Calendar
DIY Spiderman Bookmark

Would you like to sign-up a 5th or 6th grader to attend club56:live? The fun happens every Sunday from 1-2 PM!
Click here to register.

Don’t Forget to check out new Club 56 Fellowship events!

Kidz Music & Praise

KMP Rocking 11 AM Resources

Let’s Get Up and Move Sing and dance with this great song, I’m Alive.

Sing and Draw! Here is the story of Abraham and Sarah! Can you draw a picture of what times might have looked like back then? You will get ideas from this video.

Get Moving Again! Let’s keep ourselves healthy and get moving with this fun song. See if you can think of motions as we sing about Father Abraham.

Learn About Music & the Bible This song tells you more about Abraham. Listen to Abraham, Faithful One.

Reflect and Respond Listen to this special presentation by Ms. Elizabeth, our Church organist, as she teaches us a song she learned in Spanish many years ago when her parents were missionaries.

Please join us on Zoom at 11:00 AM every Sunday for Kidz Music and Praise. All are welcome! Currently, we are rehearsing for our Lenten Musical, “Shout! Hosanna,” which will be performed on March 21 at 2 PM.  There’s still time to be a part of this performance! If you wish to participate, please contact Joyce Click, for the Sunday morning zoom code and a musical packet, CD and t-shirt. Think of a friend that you could invite, locally, or anywhere in the world, to be in our musical as we learn of Jesus and how he saved us all.

More details about the musical can be found here

Please photograph or video you and your family doing any of these fun activities and share them with Kidz Church.

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