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Weekly Resources

We are committed to providing resources to help your children and family find new ways to welcome, grow and serve. The resources on this page coincide with all our programming options. You can use them to enhance what your children learn each week, or to create your own at-home lessons. You can also join our Facebook group, St. Mark’s Kidz, to connect with other families, watch videos and download more at-home resources.

Click here to learn about all our Sunday Kidz Church offerings. If you have any suggestions or ways you would like to help, please feel free to e-mail them to kidzchurch@stmarkscarmel.orgWe are here for you! 

This Week: Today the Lesson is Signs of Things to Come, Mark 13:24-37

Kidz Church Resources

Color Click to download a coloring page to go along with this week’s Bible story. 

Engage with the weekly theme by following along with one of the kids bulletins, for 3 years and up.

Enjoy a Family Activity this week’s lesson in a coloring page with Activity Pages and Family Activity Pages.

    Kidz Music & Praise Resources

    Please photograph or video you and your family doing any of these fun activities and share them with Kidz Church!

    Happy December – I am wishing you hope because today we light the HOPE Candle.

    Let’s Play wooden instruments to these great songs!
    Oh come all ye Faithful

    Go Tell It on the Mountain

    Let’s Craft  a Christmas Craft – Today let’s cut out our hand print of all our family members our of green construction paper and tape them together to make a round wreath. Add a red bow at the bottom and write Dec. 23. Save it for a decoration each year. You may have to add some friends or other relatives to get enough for a wreath.

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