Monthly Mission Focus – Fletcher Place Community Center

Hunger is a reality in Indianapolis. Low incomes, cheap housing, inaccessibility to quality food and education, have all created a community where crime is rampant. Families and individuals are highly transient, moving to a more affluent neighborhood as soon as they are financially stable.

Fletcher Place, with roots in the United Methodist Church, was started in 1872, as a small outreach in the South side of downtown Indianapolis. Since then the community center has grown to support families all year, with a Food Pantry, Free Thrift Store, Hot Meals Program, Community Garden, a Christmas program and Preschool. Fletcher Place believes taking care of the community is something everyone can do, and their staff attends ongoing training to be effective in helping the society.

Volunteer opportunities range from serving a meal, sorting donations at the free store, stocking food in the food pantry, working in the Community Garden project, or helping with building upkeep. You can also help with their annual Christmas Store in late November! Each year, generous volunteers put in thousands of hours at the center. More information is available at Financial donations may be given on Sundays using the white mission envelope in the worship bulletin or given online.

During our current health crisis, Fletcher Place is still providing essential services to all in need.
Sack meals distributed daily and food pantry open 3 days per week. Please help stock our pantry! Current most pressing needs can be ordered online and shipped dir

Feminine hygiene products (pads and tampons)
Laundry soap
Dish soap


St. Mark’s is their “Oatmeal Church” and we collect oatmeal for the Fletcher Place food pantry. Please consider ordering online and shipped directly to Fletcher Place. Financial donations may be given on Sundays during April using the white mission envelope in the worship bulletin or given through our website.

Please contact Stephanie Cohen if you would like to know more or visit the Fletcher Place website.