Advent Study Resources

The Gift of Being Present

Video Discussions for Right Here Right Now

Whether you are individually reading Right Here Right Now or are leading a group through the book with the leader guide, these videos with the book’s author, Dr. Amy Oden, and Worship Design Studio’s Dr. Marcia McFee are helpful to experience a mindfulness practice and hear some practical illustrations.

Week 1 (Chapter 1) Video

Week 2 (Chapter 2) Video

Week 3 (Chapter 3) Video

Week 4 (Chapter 4) Video

Prayerful worship refrain for closing, if desired.

Leader Guide 

This Small Group Guide will give you additional questions to ask your groups about each chapter. Note: there is a typo on page 13, Session 4 – that week’s questions all reference Chapter 4, not Chapter 3, of the book. 

Additional Group Resources

This Small Group Suggestions PDF includes a wide variety of links and discussion starters about building relationships, being present, and improving listening and mindfulness skills. You will see some of these featured on the St. Mark’s Facebook page throughout Advent.  



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