How it works

Mission Mailbox is a partnership between local Girl Scout Troop #3305 and St. Mark’s United Methodist Church. The mission was established in 2022 as part of a Bronze Award project for the Girl Scouts. The objective was to establish a sustainable community service program that will help bring smiles to many people.

In short, the project works like a “Little Lending Library” or “Take a Book, Leave a Book,” only this project involves the exchange of undecorated-to-decorated greeting cards. There is a mailbox that is located in the church’s library located to the left of the gathering area and is pictured below. The box serves as a station for card decorators to take an already printed greeting card, decorate it (i.e. color it, ideally with colored pencils) and add an uplifting or inspirational message to the inside. The decorator then returns it to the mailbox at the church. Each month, card-makers will use different card designs to decorate cards for the mission’s chosen group. A monthly list of the receiving groups is located here.

How can I help?

  • Do you like to color or have a way with inspirational and uplifting messages? Attend a card-decorating event at St. Mark’s and decorate some cards! Contact Patricia Uthoffat for our next event!
  • Can’t attend an event? Grab some cards from the mailbox, take them home, decorate them (with colored pencils, please), add an inspirational note and return them to the mailbox! There are colored pencils stored in the lower level of the mailbox. You are also welcome to sit in our library and color too!
  • Not into coloring? Donate cardstock and/or colored pencils. You can drop them into the lower level of the mailbox.

For questions contact Patricia Uthoff at

Mission Mailbox 2023 Schedule

Month Card Recipient Group
January Random Acts of Kindness (Duckie Day 13th)
February Doctors & Nurses
March Police & Security Personnel
April Firefighters (May 4th Firefighters Day)
May Send a Smile 4 Kids (Children in hospitals)
June Thanks to St. Mark’s Mission Coordinators
July Residents Apartment Shelter Homes
August Teachers
September College Students
October Cancer Patients (Adults with cancer)
November Veterans
December Residents of Senior Living Facilities