Brightwood Community Center

Did You Know?

  • Lucille Raines Residence (LRR) is a facility owned and operated by the United Women in Faith of Indiana (UWF).
  • LRR, located in downtown Indianapolis, was founded in 1977.
  • LRR houses up to 49 individuals recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, giving people a place to rebuild their lives and relationships with God, all while learning how to function independently day-to-day and working on successful recovery.
  • LRR is in GREAT financial need due to UWF units disbanding locally and aging members.
  • The operating budget at LRR requires $8,500.00 per month from United Women in Faith of Indiana to maintain this ministry. There has been a deficit of several thousand dollars for a number of months, putting this crucial ministry at risk.

How Can I Help?

  • Financial donations to Lucille Raines Residence can be made online at or by using the offering envelope in the blue attendance pads.
  • Pray for the residents and staff of Lucille Raines Residence.
  • Contact Beth Montag of St. Mark’s United Women in Faith for more information on ways you can help (

Please contact Amy Adams if you would like to know more.