Grow Groups


What is a Grow Group?

A Grow Group is a group 4-12 people who commit to four practices to grow in Christ:
  • authenticity, or being vulnerable with each other
  • care
  • spiritual growth through Scripture, prayer, and other disciplines
  • engagement in real world issues and needs of hurting neighbors.

Why Grow Groups?

Faith comes to life in groups like these.

This is why Jesus started with a group like this. Jesus had small group of twelve. For three years, they were accountable to each other, they learned Jesus’ way together, and they learned how to engage the world with their faith.

John Wesley helped birth a Jesus movement, the Methodist movement, the lifeblood of which was small communities who cared for each other, grew together, and engaged their neighbors and world together.

Faith comes to life when a small group of people commit to authenticity, care, spiritual disciplines and real world engagement together. In Grow Groups, church happens. Faith becomes real beyond Sunday mornings.

How to Join?

We have adults of all ages in groups, and new groups form often. It may be possible for you to join an existing group or to join a group that’s forming. For more information, contact Lydia Fourman, Director of Adult Education and Small Groups.

Also, Followers’ Life is a great bridge to a Grow Group. Click here for information about Followers’ Life.

Please speak with or email Lydia or Ross to help find a group that works for you. or

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