Typical Day


St. Mark's Preschool


A Typical Day

Each day offers a child a variety of activities, both structured and unstructured. Daily schedules vary according to each class. A typical day includes exposure and enrichment in the following areas:

Circle Time

  • The teachers prepare the children for the day, discuss the calendar, weather, music/movement and students share experiences.  Improving attention span, listening skills and language development come about during meet and greet time.

Exploration Time

  • Our free play rooms allow the children to participate in activities of their choice and interest.  Creative play, dress up and building opportunities are available during this time of the day.  Small motor skills are encouraged with the use of play-dough, stamps, stickers, pants, crayons, sand, etc.

Story Time

  • Books are read each day based on the lesson, theme or season.  Parents are often invited to participate as "special readers".

Arts and Crafts

  • A craft is completed each day. The levels of difficulty vary as well as the skill set required to complete each art project. Individual and group work is incorporated throughout the curriculum.

Physical Activity

  • Use of the gym and playground let the children exercise, play cooperatively and expand upon their gross motor skills. Trikes, scooters, wagons and gym equipment are on hand for the children to use.

Snack and lunch

  • All classes spend time enjoying a healthy snack and drink. For students attending on extended days, lunch from home is served. Along with nourishment, independence and self-help skills are fostered.

Group Enrichment Activity

  • Cooking, science experiments, parades, chapel, pajama day etc. enhance the preschool experience. We promote the love of learning through active participation.

Cognitive Development

  • Children are exposed to letter formation, letter sounds, words and numbers. We select age appropriate lessons to expand the curriculum beyond worksheets. Academics are integrated into the daily routine.

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