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Does your event have audio/visual needs?

If you have audio, visual and/or lighting needs for your event, please fill out the information below. Your request is not approved until you receive a confirmation notice from our A/V Director.

All requests must be made five weeks before your event to ensure staffing requests can be met. Please note: For non-church events, we cannot guarantee that your request can be met. There may also be a fee to cover the cost of required personnel.

St. Mark's groups will have priority over other groups. Please note that our current building use policy does not allow St. Mark's to rent the facility.

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Email Justin Vance or call 317-846-4912, with any questions or to volunteer.

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List number and types of microphones needed. Also list locations where mics are needed (pulpit, chancel...).


Indicate any special lighting requirements

Do you have a presentation to be shown?

In what format will you be supplying the presentation?

Do you need this event webcasted?

Will you be supplying the laptop for the presentation?

If supplying your own PC, what ports are on your computer?

If supplying your own PC, what operating system do you use?

Do you need a video recording of this event?

Only available in the Sanctuary

Do you need an audio recording of this event?

Only available in the Sanctuary

Additional comments or instructions (specific instructions not listed above)

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